For Advertising

Revolutionary ideas, cadres for your success

Its very clear for any intelligent person living at this modern era , that the advertising has an important part for making the general opinion and leading consumers to the best in every details smaller or bigger no matter , according to that greatness and importance of that strongly required aim , every body is competing using there professional and specialized ways  to gain the consumer`s satisfaction , making promotions  marketing the products . so we Alishrag Group started from 2007 at this important business seeking for the newest technologies in outdoor & indoor printing at all sizes , and in a little while we gain the satisfaction of our precious consumers , and from the believing of the necessary of progress  towards the top and keeping ourselves with the professionals  we support our success with an professional installation team which is the most precious treasure we have , leading us to the top with our consumers with endless inventions and unreachable artistic touches , and as the life taught us we will keep going for other success so we entered the laser magic world which every one knew by its accuracy and artistic touches on indoor and out door signboards and special gifts for special persons and occasions to save that great moments and make it unforgettable with its printing souvenirs ( gifts , t shirts , mugs ) ,  after that we entered the wood decoration world by using our experience and the latest technology in router showing our art on wood works and special furniture , even if we have a long voyager and still at the beginning we will reach our aim armed with knowledge and experience our main motivation meeting the ambition of our consumers and giving the best for their desire always and always .