Printer`s inks and Electronics

Printing considered as a big dream of humans since the early days , day after day that dream become reality , since the first revolutionary printing on woods and clothes , till now reaching that modern digital printing on everything including paper with the average of 45 trillion paper per year .
Given the importance to the fact that we need printers every where at home or work as the most important output unite, to get a printed information so we provide many brands covering that need from personal to professional use helping you to accomplish your job at home or at work .
In addition of that importance other important rising that’s the ink which make your printer working as you wish , so we provide your best choice an original inks serving you too much time and we did not forget to supply your faxes or photocopy machines , and being always ready to supply any kind and quantity of that most wanted stuff to the government offices or companies , so was the electronic section as a natural extension of that department including all kinds of mobiles accessories , network and computer stuff , chargers , teaching aids for kids , electronic dictionaries and advertising screen stands produced as you wish with different materials and shapes giving you more distinction than your other competitors giving you another step at your success journey .