Book Shop " University Books"

Given the role which the universities play at the society and its development , it has to be taken care of it at the highest levels , one of that important sides is the books its quality , clearance , suitability , but the most important thing is that it should be available for every student , so from the truth that sometimes students suffer to get what they want , or get nothing , or have to wait and go from one place to another chasing their books .

We do our best to solve that problem using our experience and good relation with the publishers locally or even internationally to provide newest books , studies , or any scientific stuff for our students as fast as we can with suitable quantity and of course very suitable price .

Which helping students to find their way to success focusing on their studies and researches instead of getting tired chasing that books every where loosing the precious thing which is time .
In addition of all of that we use our professional experience to organize book exhibitions in collages or schools which supplying the science and having the great effect on society .