Photocopy Worksheets Center

Given the importance to photocopying and covering books and the major role of it with the teaching process , ALISHRAQ GROUP started to meet that need of our students .

which must be covered with high performance and speed , so for that public interest  we open that main branch armed with high tech and modern digital photocopy machines providing work sheets , student scientific various needs even online students in addition of the possibility to print any file , search or worksheets speedy clearly or upload it online to share or save .

and as a fact we all know the university education has a very important role in national development so we launched our specialized university severing branch using latest internet techniques serving that precious aim , and supporting all of that with computer printing section to complete all of that printing all engineering scheme whatever the size or small details requirements or even printing high performed teaching aids with the possibility to save any scheme whatever the size you have into a drive or even online .

which saving too much time and effort in education and archiving , and finishing your scientific researches as you wish .